Naming a Business Tips

Naming your business should be one of the fun and exciting parts of starting your own business, but often I find people struggle and feel overwhelmed with this process. (By the way, if I’m being honest here, I was one of those people.)

Things to consider when thinking about using your name as your business name.

  • No one else is already using the same name.
  • If your name is unique and easy to spell.
    • TIP: If you have a name that can be spelled numerous ways be mindful. This can be confusing and may cause challenges with clients finding you. Carefully take in all considerations before going this route.
  • If someone is using the same name, can you use a variation, such as using an initial.
    • TIP: Use this option only if you are totally intent on using your name.
    • TIP: Research the reputation the name similar to yours, as it can affect you based upon similarity of name. Reconsider using your name, especially if they are in the same profession.
      • ex: John Smith Photography
      • ex: John A. Smith Photography

Here are some tips when choosing a DBA (Doing Business As) for your business name.

  • Consider the length & spelling of the name you create. Not only for speaking & writing purposes, but also think about the following. Some are repeats from above.
    • Easy to spell
    • Are there multiple ways to spell your business name, or different ways to spell the same word. (I personally learned this one the hard way naming my first business. Ugh!)
    • Remember your client has to type your business name as a web address and email address. Make it short and to the point without getting cutesy. That could work against you too.
      • Bad Example: or
        Now you might have laughed, or rolled your eyes about this, but I see this all the time. I understand the importance of wanting to add titles to your business name (ie Photography, Construction, Bookkeeping, Coaching, etc.) but typing the out is a pain for you and your clients. Keep is Simple Silly. ♥
  • Type your business name as a web address. While the fabulous name you came up with might look great the way it’s going to be viewed most of the time, making sure it looks good as a web address is also incredibly important. See example below.
    • Business Name: Refresh It Design
    • Business Web Address:
      • TIP: Do you see the fatal flaw with this business name as a web address? (Yikes!)
    • Check to see if you name is available on multiple platforms. I like It’s a one stop shop for searching your business name to see what’s available on what platform.

These are only a few tips to help you with creating a fabulous name for your business. Let me know what you come up with, and hopefully this helps. If you need additional assistance please say hello. I would love to help.

Cheers Lovely,

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