Love Notes are what warms my heart. From time to time it’s nice to hear from my lovely Go Getters and the impact I’ve helped them make on their lives. Below are a few Love Notes from some amazing Go Getters.

I was at my acupuncturist yesterday and I mentioned that I met with you again. She’s heard about you since our first introduction at the summer party (I mentioned before you and I met that I wanted to start a business so naturally when you came along I told her how excited I was and how helpful and knowledgeable you were).


I told her I shut down and got down on myself, but after our recent meeting I felt energized and confident again. I happened to call you an ‘encyclopedia of perfection’ at helping someone start a business. I think that was the icing on the cake for her and she asked if you might be willing to take on another client!!! She mentioned she had a bad business coach previously but wants a new one who can help her expand and take her business to the next level.

  Lindsay G. ~ Mom & Photographer


One of the services that I found the most value in was the research Kristy did to compile multiple resources for me specific to my industry: everything from creating business plans and pricing guides to drafting contracts and marketing strategies. I’m completely in awe of her ability to truly understand her clients and offer fresh ideas and perspectives on branding. Kristy is deeply intuitive and without any guidance from me, she created a visual look for my brand that absolutely blew my mind. She was spot on! 

  Hyla Ridenour ~ Freelance Writer


It doesn’t matter if it is our external surroundings/situations or our internal thought processes. You help people clear away the clutter that keeps us from being our best self and create an environment/situation to help people thrive through your own unique perspective and style. I define it as Creative Organization. 

  Shannon Reynolds ~ BNI Regional Business Coach